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Pakistani Punjabi


The Punjabi people groups are reported in 19 countries practicing Hinduism, Islam, and other religions.    The highest populations are found in Canada, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and the United States, respectively .  CrossConnect Ministries has relationships with ministry partners primarily in Pakistan.

Pakistan is chiefly Islamic and only an estimated 0.7% claim Christianity.

Our translator is an evangelist in Pakistan with Christ’s Mandate Ministries. Their goal is simple: “OUR MISSION IS JESUS CHRIST’S GREAT COMMISSION. ONE VISION, ONE GOAL, ONE MISSION, WORLD EVANGELISM.”

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Partnership with CrossConnect

CCM has received countless emails from Punjabi speakers in appreciation of the Punjabi translation.  Many just like this:

“Hello, Greetings in His Majesty! Peace be with you forever and ever Amen. Actually I visit your website of Bible Stories, so I feel privileged to write you some appreciation words, Your Bibles Stories are very outstanding and being an Elder I wish to use them for my community people, I mostly served in remote or Rural areas where people don’t know English so it’s your good step of translation into different languages, I specially appreciate for Punjabi language which is much heart touching and I am glad that you choose this language for your Bible stories. I wish that your rest of studies also will be in Punjabi so that The Word of God through your studies bears 100 % fruit in these poor… needy people lives. Thank you… May God richly bless you and your ministry team especially Punjabi Translation team. Thank you.
In Peace
Elder Aslam

And Another…

Hello Dear Mam! I am Mariam, I am a Christian School teacher, I study your Bible stories, and teach the same to my school children, I enjoyed your Punjabi Study also because when I was student I choose to study Punjabi Subject in my graduation, It’s a special subject in our syllabus that’s why I like it more. Once again thank you. My prayers are with you.
Marian Nawaz

CrossConnect Ministries is working hard on developing a partnership with an organization that can sustain the request for printed materials.

Prayer Requests

-For Christ’s Mandate Ministries to have the resources to build church buildings, acquire vehicles, and recruit Sunday school teachers

-Growth in maturity for the new Christians learning through the CrossConnect Series

-God’s continued blessings on the translation and distribution of the Punjabi CrossConnect Series in each country where there are Punjabi speakers

-For safety and protection for Christians around the world where there is great persecution against them