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Currently Jackie serves as the president of CrossConnect Ministries. Jackie’s hope and joy have come through a growing relationship with Jesus. She treasures the stories, application and insights discovered in the Bible. Jackie has facilitated Bible study groups, women’s retreats, and ministered with pastors’ wives through the Pastoral Leadership Institute. Her ministry includes her husband Norb, her four grown children, their spouses and grandchildren.


CrossConnect Ministries is a nonprofit organization developed out of the teaching of Jackie Oesch and her awareness that many people, including Christians, have little knowledge of the Bible stories that are essential to maturing in their Christian faith. She was especially motivated by young people who stated they wanted to teach their children about the Bible but knew little if anything themselves about what is in the Bible.

Jackie set forth over a span of five-and-one-half years to write curriculum that focuses on the major stories of the Old and New Testaments. As these studies were being developed the early units were tested by individuals and by small groups in congregations in the U.S. However, through personal contacts in China, Korea and several African countries it became clear that the need for such studies was significant in countries whose indigenous languages were not in English; therefore, the process of getting them translated began. To date several units are translated into Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili, Amharic, and Latvian, each translation done by natives to the language groups, allowing cultural expressions to be incorporated into the materials.


CrossConnect Ministries assists the emerging Church with its mandate to seek and save the lost by providing Bible studies in indigenous languages that teach Bible stories and ultimately connect people to Jesus.


CrossConnect Ministries impacts the emerging Church globally with premier Bible studies that teach Bible stories. With these studies and by the power of God’s Spirit individuals’ lives are transformed and connected to Jesus.


The Reverend Doctor Norbert C Oesch began his pastoral ministry in a mission congregation in San Antonio, Texas, a multiethnic cultural situation, followed by ten years in Bakersfield, CA with the people of St. John’s Lutheran.  In 1985 he accepted a call to St. John’s of Orange, California. In 1998 he founded Pastoral Leadership Institute (PLI), a leadership training program for pastors and their wives dedicated to nurturing missional leaders. He transitioned from full-time ministry in August 2006 to lead PLI International. He now serves as associate director, focusing on teaching and fundraising. He has served on numerous district committees and boards, including being elected first vice president of the CNH District. He organized and led the first continuing education task force for the LCMS, later serving on the Synodical Board for Parish Services, three of which he was the chairman.  He also served as the founding chairman of the LCMS Lutheran Family Association.  In 1995, in partnership with the LCMS Board for Mission Services, he founded and chaired Compassion Vietnam Association which opened Vietnam as a mission field for the LCMS.  He continues to serve on the Board of Lutheran Indian Ministries, Chairs the Institute for Missional Visioning and serves as CEO of CrossConnect Ministries.



  • Jackie Oesch, President
  • Rev. Dr. Michael Gibson, Chairman
  • Rev. Robert Warren, Vice President
  • Rev. Dr. Norbert Oesch, Secretary

  • Dr. Kenneth Ellwein, Treasurer
  • Judy Ellwein, Member-at-Large
  • Dr. Joel Oesch, Member-at-Large